Hummingbird launches Bureau Services

By |May 26, 2023|Categories: Business, Business Operations, Project Management, Project Portfolio Management|

Hummingbird Bureau Portfolios provide a simple, cost-effective service, designed to enable clients to rapidly adopt and enable best practice delivery across the entire spectrum of Project Portfolio Management (PPM).

Connecting the dots for better decisions

By |January 16, 2023|Categories: Business Operations, Project Management, Project Portfolio Management|

When organisations are seeking the best path to success, navigating complexity in their internal management and operations and external supply chain and markets can’t be avoided. In this article, I discuss the steps needed to stand up a project management framework that drives value and success

Targeting and realising benefits of a PPM investment

By |October 31, 2022|Categories: Business, Business Operations, Project Portfolio Management|

We’ve all seen situations where a complex set of variables and unforeseen events have sent projects off the rails. Having real-time reporting through simple dashboards can help decision-makers pivot quickly on project inputs and requirements.

The Missing Links

By |September 23, 2022|Categories: Business Operations, Project Management, Project Portfolio Management, Technology|

For organisations to keep doing things the same way as the world evolves at an ever-faster pace is a value proposition that no C-suite leader could possibly sell to their board and shareholders. This is perhaps, even more, the case when it comes to technology.

The Data Payoff

By |June 9, 2022|Categories: Business Operations, Project Management, Project Portfolio Management|

When information is stored across multiple spreadsheets, or even in hard copy on white boards and post-it notes, it’s just too hard to collect and compile all these inputs, let alone make operational decisions from the data. Here are three important insights that can help organisations to understand their project data with the ultimate aim of delivering value.

Empowering organisations and teams to perform

By |April 6, 2022|Categories: Technology, Business Operations, Project Management, Project Portfolio Management|

When projects are at risk from delays and budget blow-outs, the contract should be the constant that brings things back under control. Why, then, is there so much focus on getting the contract right during procurement but limited support following through on milestones, deliverables, and commercial performance measures during execution?

The rise of PPM and ePMO

By |March 7, 2022|Categories: Project Management, Project Portfolio Management, Technology|

Modern project management tools and methodologies have existed for more than a century. But in the last five years we’ve seen a leap forward in the evolution of these capabilities, giving more and more organisations access to solutions for securing better project outcomes. With the growing popularity of Project Management Platforms (PPMs), and the Project Management Offices (PMOs) who support them, we’re now in a golden age for project management technology and practice.

The three super powers of project success

By |November 25, 2021|Categories: Business, Business Operations, Project Management|

Projects have faced major disruption from the COVID pandemic. The long-term impact of how organisations have reacted to a rationing of project resources has yet to be seen, but as project budget expiry dates draw closer, how do organisations best determine those worth reviving?

Organised Chaos

By |November 3, 2021|Categories: Business, Business Operations, Everyday Life, Parenting, Project Portfolio Management|

With the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic unfolding each day, at times it feels surreal - as though I’m watching a movie unfold and I’m playing a small role in this movie – I am just unsure what that role is yet?. In this volatile economic environment, as a working parent, I feel extremely lucky to still have a job, yet like other parents, we are struggling to home-school, work from home and maintain our family ethos.