The Hummingbird effect

By |January 24, 2022|Categories: Business, Business Operations, General, Project Management, Project Portfolio Management|

As founders of Hummingbird, the complementary skills and experiences we bring to our business are definitely a core strength. It’s been a rewarding undertaking to develop the team and service offerings Hummingbird clients need. In this article, I detail how our dynamic team and excellent service offers have led to the success of Humminbird Solutions.

The three super powers of project success

By |November 25, 2021|Categories: Business, Business Operations, Project Management|

Projects have faced major disruption from the COVID pandemic. The long-term impact of how organisations have reacted to a rationing of project resources has yet to be seen, but as project budget expiry dates draw closer, how do organisations best determine those worth reviving?

Organised Chaos

By |November 3, 2021|Categories: Business, Business Operations, Everyday Life, Parenting, Project Portfolio Management|

With the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic unfolding each day, at times it feels surreal - as though I’m watching a movie unfold and I’m playing a small role in this movie – I am just unsure what that role is yet?. In this volatile economic environment, as a working parent, I feel extremely lucky to still have a job, yet like other parents, we are struggling to home-school, work from home and maintain our family ethos.