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Empowering Businesses to Transform through Innovation

With more than 30 years of experience in delivering change across the public and private sector, Hummingbird Professional Services team is focused on supporting & empowering organisations in bridging the gap between IT and the business – empowering our clients to transform through innovation.

Our expert team of principal consultants and solution architects support you in evolving your organisation, whether that is related to a complete digital transformation, supporting you to improve your processes, enhance governance or align your technology strategy to your business objectives.

We’re ready to help you transform. No matter what lies ahead, Hummingbird can help you unlock your full potential and achieve real business value.

Point in Time solution offerings

Point in Time solution offerings

Project Portfolio Assessment (PPA)

Provides an objective, current-state health assessment of your project portfolio and PMO organisation by benchmarking against industry best practices and our independent case studies.

The outcomes from the service will enable your organisation to assess your inflight project portfolio against your business strategy and realign strategic priorities. This service from Hummingbird is your ‘Route to Green’. It provides you with the end-to-end evaluation of your Project services, enabling you to install rigour, enhances performance, optimises the way your business delivers technology change and realigns your business strategy to delivery.

Project Portfolio Assessment

Contract Obligations Management (COM)

Is a powerful service that helps you define what is required to effectively govern your contractual obligations throughout their lifecycle – from contracting to renewal, to automation and tracking.

The service provides the insights into what is required to be extracted from your contract(s) to ensure that the service delivery (Project Milestones, SLA’s and payments contracted) is tracked and managed effectively, not just with respect to the initial service integration but through the whole service period (alignment to the contract term and obligations throughout that term). Hummingbird believes with a fact-based contract knowledge base; you’ll be able to see details of a single contract across your contract portfolio – details that allow you to manage and realise the full potential of each contract throughout the delivery lifecycle.

Contract Obligations Management Brochure

IT Service Optimisation (ITSO)

Is designed to provide an objective, current-state assessment of how IT services are being delivered and consumed by the business and explores how the services can be improved to meet current and future demands.

The assessment lead service reviews different aspects of how IT services are being delivered and highlights areas where the service can be either optimised or delivered more efficiently.

IT Service Optimisation

Data Policy Assessment (DPA)

Data Classification, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery, and Cloud Policy dictate the What and the Where of your data, while the IT systems and processes dictate the How.

The Data Policy Assessment is an engagement to assess the current definition and application of policies concerning your company’s data to make sure policy is aligned with business objectives and provides audit capabilities to ensure procedures and practices are aligned with policy. The Hummingbird service helps businesses cope with the quantity and quality of data, and provides a solid foundation for data strategies into digital transformation and analytic capabilities.

Data Policy Assessment

Service Catalogue Assessment (SCA)

The service assessment will provide an objective, current-state assessment of how IT is delivering to the needs of the business and looks at how the implementation of an IT Service Catalogue and outcome-based services can help align IT to the business.

The Hummingbird service helps businesses mature their IT service environment to where IT is seen as a strategic partner and enabler to the business.

Service Catalogue Assessment


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