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With more than 30 years of experience in delivering digital solutions across the public and private sector, Hummingbird Consultancy Services team is focused on supporting & empowering organisations in bridging the gap between IT and the business.

We help you evolve your organisation, whether that is related to a complete digital transformation, supporting you improve your processes, enhance governance or aligning your technology strategy to your business objectives. Our services focus on five core outcomes to assist you:

  • Unlock the power of your IT.
  • Manage Costs
  • Increase transparency

  • Simplify & organise complexity

  • Streamline transformation

Project Portfolio Assessment

A Project Portfolio Assessment provides an objective, current-state health assessment of your project, programme portfolio and organisation by benchmarking against industry best practices and our independent case studies. We define and implement a tailored governance framework and toolsets to increase the effectiveness of programme and project delivery whilst providing greater visibility to senior management on the status of any ‘In Flight’ initiative(s). This service from Hummingbird is your ‘Route to Green’. It provides you with end-to-end business advisory that installs rigour, enhances performance and optimises the way your business delivers technology change.

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Data Strategy

A Data Strategy is essential to how a company will unlock Key benefits such as generating value through data, managing the increase in data, resource efficiency, governance, compliance and data management across the organisation.

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Cyber Essentials

Whether your company is small or large; whether your IT team has the skills or there is a knowledge gap when it comes to cyber security, putting a framework in place — like a government-recommended set of controls — can help mitigate the risk your organisation faces.
Cyber Essentials comprises a number of fundamental security controls, which when properly implemented, address around 80% of the most common cyberthreats to your business. This is an excellent start to getting your organisation protected. Once they are in place you have the room and confidence to further assess which information you want to protect, explore which additional controls are required to secure your environment, and determine how you can best navigate the threat landscape while staying within your security budget.

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ITIL Assessment

Hummingbirds assessment compares existing service management resources and collateral alongside industry best practice, tailoring each service tothe individual organisation’s needs. The outcome is a balanced and holistic view of organisational maturity, adding value to the business by highlighting opportunities for improvement and focusing on risk reduction, compliance, process and cost efficiency.

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Business Case Development

The Business Case, is usually a method used to express and justify change, but can often be the element that stops a valid program before it has chance to prove itself. With the help of Hummingbirds Business Case Development Service, your business will be supported to make a considered, structured and well-justified submission for approval. Hummingbird will provide you with a clear understanding of the business requirement, assessing how it will positively impact the current state and present the report in a clear, concise format that has impact. Throughout the project, we will continue to ensure that you retain visibility of your desired high-value outcome, whilstdelivering a bespoke service that is unique to your business needs.

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IT M&A Due Diligence

Hummingbird provides an objective and independent IT M&A Due Diligence Service. Each of our Services is designed to fit your unique due diligence and business needs, ensuring that the corrective measures specific to your business are identified and that detailed action plans are created. By working closely with both corporate vendors and purchasers, we specialise in supporting effective due diligence through every aspect of corporate or commercial IT business transactions.

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